#0.1 Movies About Girls Roundtable 2!

#0.1 Movies About Girls Roundtable 2!

Second in a series of roundtables about the show, its good times, its weird times, and its ongoing legacy!

Show notes

Movies About Girls was the greatest podcast you never heard (unless you did hear it, of course), and Compañeros Radio Network is proud to make available the entire 192 Movies About Girls episode archive for fans new and old.

It's time for another roundtable, because the episodes in the 30s are where things really start to gel, so lets talk with some of the cast members from that time who made the show what it was! This time superfan Alistair from Get Soft talks with Cherrybomb (regular co-host from episode 34 through to the end), Holly (regular co-host from episode 48 through to the end), and from very popular Boston heavy metal bands The Humanoids and Born of Thunder, Mike Demonik and Johnny Machine (regular guests from episode 40 on).

Mike makes an earthshaking admission about his time on the show.

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